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The Training of Alexa on Tess, Day Four

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The Training of Raina Verene, Day Three

Trainer’s ReportMid-Term Slave ReviewSubject Id: #208Session Id: #5360 Pain Management 101Subject shows a talent. Recommend focus in this area to explore deeper masochism. Strategies to date incorporate the assumption that pain is energy and can be identified and manipulated through conscious controls:Identify rhythm in the strikes synchronize breathing patterns tot his rhythm use breathing to capture the pain apply visualization and concentration to ‘own the pain’ control and steer the flow of energySelf ExpressionNarrative Visualization techniques are applied in an attempt to break the cycle of repressed verbal behaviors, esp. sexual. The addition of a blindfold increases positive response. Stimulus, electricity and verbal guidance further contribute to develoment. Voice ControlsDiction and grammar are good, making the subject a good candidate for speech and voice training.Think Before You SpeakPause for a Beat:Mid Term Assessments Self social Identity (how she sees herself in this world): Service slut girl – what percentage of the time is she like this? Feels she needs more patience Attracted to – knowledge, confidence, strictness, kindness Depth – claims to not have been past anger in BDSM Difficult letting go to express herself results in sometimes rigid uninspired attempts at erotic vocalizations. Conduct is excellent, shows enthusiasm and determination to learn. Excellent candidate for deep, full use.D3 Training StrategiesFormative AssessmentsThe most important single factor influencing learning is what the learner already knows. Ascertain this and teach accordingly.Pain 202, Clinical To RitualReview previous lessons and confirm most useful techniques: The Cup of Pain Steering pain energy to body partsInstructional Component Corporal implements with guided instruction in technique Focus on breathing – the gatherer of pain visualization as heat, light and color applied: generalization, superficializing, radiationApplication: Princess Donna applies unrelenting sadistic stimulus heavy single tail whip cat o nine tails repeated cattle prod hard pussy slappingEvaluation:Subject maintains composure and displays a talent for learning and a presence of mind that appears to keep her ‘in the scene’ mentally. Occasional lapses in response time and breaks in form exist. Recommend allowing it due to cognitive load.Rating: 4/5Note: She is sustaining heavy marking and showing signs of fatigue.Reinforcementapply positive reinforcers; clit vibration put her slut mouth to work on servicing Donna’s pussy to orgasmHomeworkFreud’s theory of Ego, Id and Super-ego

The Training of Cherry Torn, Day Two

Trainer’s ReportSubject Id: 178Session Id: 5363GoalsSquat and recite the goals:Identity and PainRules1. Sir, thank you Sir.2. Control nervous laughter3. Orgasm ONLY when in pain4. Head and eye alignmentConduct Rating: +3 Demerits How To Punishsubject understands that the implement is less important than the intent.canehumiliating face slappingmade to stand in high heels How To RewardHoods, Breath-play, Orgasms Fearszippers, clips, clampsTrainer’s GambitThe first thing is to pay her debt.She owes us for her demerit.Offer a gambit: 5 successful minutes w/ the whip in exchange for for 3 merits.Failure earns her a day of punishment.Core Skills In Pain ManagementThe Training Whip’Sir, please hurt me Sir.’Identify Criterion For Skills AssessmentSuccessful pain management is:Regular BreathingNo SweatingActively participating, PresentProgressively take moreFailure is:Not actively engagedNon-responsivePsychological ElementsHypothesisOld associations of submission with a meek, weaker former self block current reaches into slavehood, manifesting as symptoms of reactance and frustration and causing a confusing inner struggle.Reactance: ‘an emotional reaction in direct contradiction to rules or regulations that threaten or eliminate specific behavioral freedoms.’ Is it possible that the decision to relinquish one’s authority can be considered a ‘free behavior’?Psych AssessmentWho is she and what is she good for?(given in her order, under duress)taking painsucking cockfuckingtaking orderscleaning up messto look atenduringSuckingCannot keep hands off the cockAdequate technique, tight lipsMasturbationBound in painful positionOrdered to masturbateSuffers beautifullyFuckingShaved pussyTight and responsiveSlow to orgasmTakes a hard poundng wellHomeworkProprioception: definitionGayle Rubins: bioPaul Gebhard (1969)